Research Areas

We conduct research in the following areas:

  • Labor Economics and Economics of Education
  • Family Economics and Demography
  • Development Economics
  • Inequality and social mobility
  • Peer effects and social networks


Publications Prof. Katja Maria Kaufmann, Ph.D.

Selected Working Papers

"Impact of a Macro Shock on Psychosocial Functioning and Longrun Health and Well-being Implications (with Ghazala Azmat and Yasemin Özdemir), mimeo.

“The Fall of the Aspirations Wall: Educational Aspirations, Achievement and Societal Change” (with Ghazala Azmat), CRC DP 207, 2020.

“Elite Higher Education, the Marriage Market and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital” (with Matthias Messner and Alex Solis), mimeo.

“Gender Peer Effects, Non-Cognitive Skills and Marriage Market Outcomes: Evidence from Single-Sex Schools in the UK” (with Lina Cardona), NBER conference paper 2017 and CRC DP 213, 2020.


Refereed Journal Publications

“Disentangling Insurance and Information in Intertemporal Consumption Choices” (with Luigi Pistaferri), American Economic Review, 99 (2), May 2009.

“Understanding the Income Gradient in College Attendance in Mexico: The Role of Heterogeneity in Expected Returns”, Quantitative Economics, The Econometric Society, November 2014, 5(3).

“Education Choices and Returns to Schooling: Mothers' and Youths' Subjective Expectations and their Role by Gender.” (with Orazio Attanasio),  Journal of Development Economics, 109C (2014).

“Education Choices and Returns on the Labor and Marriage Markets: Evidence from Data on Subjective Expectations.” (with Orazio Attanasio), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2017.

“The Political Economy of Program Enforcement: Evidence from Brazil” (with Fernanda Brollo and Eliana La Ferrara), the Journal of the European Economic Association, 2020, 18 (2).

“Learning Spillovers in Conditional Welfare Programs: Evidence from Brazil” (with Fernanda Brollo and Eliana La Ferrara), the Economic Journal, 2020, Vol. 130, Issue 628, 853-879.

[Media: The latter two articles and the first article under research papers are discussed in The Economist, May 9th, 2019 edition “New research traces the intricate links between policy and politics”]